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How to use the parking lock?


The parking lock is a metal mechanical device installed on the ground. Its main function is to prevent others from seizing the parking space. Parking locks have entered the majority of car owners' families, but many people do not know how to install parking locks.

How to install the parking lock?
First, choose the installation location. It is recommended to install the parking lock at the middle position of about 1.3 meters or 1.5 meters from the entrance of the parking space, and it is better to choose a flat concrete floor.

2. Connect and fix the battery plug and the controller plug, and then use the buttons of the remote control to make the parking lock do up and down movements 2 to 3 times.

3. Press the bottom buckle with an electric drill bit, punch four 8mm or 10mm holes, and then install expansion screws to fix the bottom, and then buckle the main body on it.

4. Before use, insert the plug corresponding to the color of the lead wire of the battery board into the battery, then lay the battery flat, insert the plug into the socket of the parking lock, and arrange the wires.

5. If it is a remote control parking space lock, remember to test the effect of the remote control to ensure that the rocker arm can be raised and lowered normally.

Precautions for installing parking locks:
1. Relatively loose ground, such as soil, needs to be poured with cement
2. Try not to choose to install on stone pavement
3. When drilling holes, you need to make a mark
4. The depth of the hole should be more than 50px longer than the screw.