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What are some basic parameters of a traffic cone?


Some basic parameters about traffic cones:
Raw material: rubber/plastic PE/PVC
Purpose: It is located around or in previous appropriate places where it is necessary to temporarily separate traffic flow, guide traffic, guide vehicles to bypass dangerous road sections, and protect construction site facilities and personnel. Barrier lights should be installed on the upper end of the product when it is used at night.

2. Features:
It has the advantages of good flexibility, anti-car rolling, no damage to hard objects, anti-sun, not afraid of wind and rain, heat resistance, cold resistance, no cracking, no discoloration, etc.

The light fastness is (the highest level) 8.5. -40 ~ 70 ℃ temperature without embrittlement, softening phenomenon, weather resistance > 2 years.

3. Surface features:
The reflective materials used on the surface of the cone include: reflective film, PVC reflective cone sleeve, reflective powder, and customers can choose according to specific conditions.

4. Use occasions:
It is widely used in highways, intersections and lanes, road construction areas, dangerous areas, stadiums, parking lots, hotels, residential areas and other places.