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Where are the parking locks mainly installed?


Parking lock installation location:
1. If it is in the open space of the community, or on the side of the road, etc., it is recommended to choose the manual parking space lock of triangle, A-type, octagon and O-type. Because the flow of people in the community and on the roadside is relatively large, to prevent the frail elderly and naughty children from tripping, so as not to cause disputes.

2. In the above places, manual parking locks of type K and type T are excluded. K-type and T-type parking locks are generally installed in restaurants, guesthouses, hotels, etc. Since parking is prohibited in these areas, and there are special personnel in charge, the amount required is relatively small.

3. High-end residential areas or underground garages are generally equipped with remote control parking locks. Because the underground parking space is relatively small compared to the parking space on the ground, the installation of manual parking locks requires frequent getting on and off operations, which is very troublesome, and it is very easy to cause blockages when commuting to and from get off work. It is understandable for high-end communities to choose it. Its good-looking appearance, coupled with humanized design, is highly sought after by the owner's door.